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Fenglehorn Sauces

*LIMITED EDITION* Fenglehorn Orange Habanero 150ml

*LIMITED EDITION* Fenglehorn Orange Habanero 150ml

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Finally, the good Dr Fenglehorn has released his personal stash of Orange Habanero Sauce to the public, but only for a limited time!

Made exclusively from his personally fave chilli of all time, the Orange Habanero is very very special indeed. Slightly hotter than the famous Red Habanero and with a distinct citrus edge, these bad boys are the duck's nuts, for sure!

Now, in case you've missed the brief........   This is not Orange AND Habanero.....    

The Orange Habanero is it's own variety......    Got it?  Good.

And now the BAD NEWS........

There's only 200 bottles available and once they're gone, they're GONE. 

No ifs, no buts. (Or is it Butts?)

So get in NOW and you'll soon know why our Supreme Leader usually keeps this gear to himself!

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