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Fenglehorn Sauces

Fenglehorn Woosty Sheer Black Sauce *THE 250ml COLLECTION*

Fenglehorn Woosty Sheer Black Sauce *THE 250ml COLLECTION*

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Once upon a time, at markets in Far North Queensland, two of the nicest people on Earth would sell the bestest Worcestershire Sauce we’ve ever tasted.

Trust us, it was amazing. AMAZING!

But sadly (for us, not them!), they decided to retire and leave a gaping hole in the tummies of foodies from FNQ and all over the globe….

So we decided to have a crack ourselves…

Now it’s a bit like the original Star Wars movie. You know, the sequels are all good but nothing quite beats the original…

But we think we’ve done a pretty good job and now it’s up to YOU to be the judge…...

Available in Mild, Medium & Hot and in 2 of the best size bottles on the planet: 150ml & 250ml!!
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