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Fenglehorn Sauces

Fenglehorn Uber Pack 150ml

Fenglehorn Uber Pack 150ml

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This is the penultimate Fenglehorn Pack!  Containing a bottle of every product from our range, this pack (almost) literally has it all!

With a scale ranging from "No Heat" to "Super Hot", there has to a sauce for everyone in this pack.

You, your partner, kids, parents and pets (well, no actually) will all find something to send the tastebuds around the world and back in time for the party in here!

Pack contains:

1 x 250ml Fancy Pants Tomatah
1 x 250ml Sassy Pants Tomatah (Spicy)
1 x 250ml Ballz Out BBQ
1 x 250ml Ballz Out XXX BBQ (Spicy)
1 x 150ml Roasted Garlic

1 x 150ml Spicy Garlic
1 x 150ml Jalapeno
1 x 150ml Cayenne
1 x 150ml Habanero
1 x 150ml Supernova Uberlava

This will keep you going for ages!!

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