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Fenglehorn Sauces

Fenglehorn Rosemary Magic Gourmet Seasoning

Fenglehorn Rosemary Magic Gourmet Seasoning

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The final chapter in the Gourmet Seasoning Trilogy!!

But be quick, this will go FAST!!

Honestly? It took a while to get this one just right! We should probably have called the Goldilocks Seasoning!

Another decadent & luxurious flavour, this seasoning can be used as a BBQ Rub or a finishing seasoning.

  • - Use as a BBQ Rub for beef, lamb, chicken, pork or vegies
  • - Sprinkle some on your steak, lamb, seafood or any grilled meats
  • - Dust a little over your favourite salad. 

This really is a *LIMITED EDITION* product. Get in NOW, while you still can!

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