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Fenglehorn Sauces

Fenglehorn Cappa Cappa 250ml

Fenglehorn Cappa Cappa 250ml

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Are you ready to be confused, amazed and satisfied, all at once? What you hold in your hands is the very definition of an Enigma Sauce. Yes, that’s right. You  are daring to enjoy the Symphony of Culinary Alchemy which is a Sweet Chilli Sauce with NO CHILLI.

“What”, we hear you ask and “You heard us”, we reply.

This Thai inspired sweet sauce is a delightful marriage of flavours and is ideal for non-spicy stir-fry, spring rolls, chicken, seafood and makes a gob-smacking salad dressing.

Try it…

We said TRY IT….. Please….

 *Family friendly – dipping, marinades etc*

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